After Dinner Must Do!

My friend and I were just discussing how the trends have really shifted here in the USA. It seems like generations before us would enjoy happy hour after work and socialize at clubs, while our generation seems to “cocoon.” We literally do what we need to do, and then stay in our little bubbles. We watch Netflix, scroll on social media apps, and then go to bed early. This generation of cocooning may be why people are getting married later in life, having trouble finding a significant other, and why comparison is so popular.

I began to think about how after dinner I am often stumped on what to do. Sometimes, I blog and work on my little side hustle. While other times, I find myself scrolling through apps and sitting on the couch watching Netflix with my cat. I just want to decompress, but that does not have to mean pouring myself a glass of wine and sitting stagnant. With the weather getting nicer, I decided to change up my routine. After dinner, I plan to consistently go on a walk outside.

Thomas and I enjoyed a little after dinner walk the other day, which really sparked this idea. The sun is out later now, making this a great time to stretch our legs before calling it a day. It is a time to catch up on both of our days, with no distractions from work or other stressors. This time is strictly for walking (and the occasional self timer selfie…)

Personally, I think it is the best time of the year here in New Jersey. What better way to enjoy it!? Do you think you could pick up this habit?


  1. Jenna

    I’ve made this a habit too! It’s just so hard where I live bc now that it stays light longer it’s SO hot out, but when it’s nice outside it gets dark before I get home. I’m trying to go as often as I can now and just find shade! I agree that our generation tends to cocoon! I like it, but it does make it harder to find someone and people never want to do anything!


    1. Becks Bataille

      Thanks for reading Jenna! Yes definitely look for some shady spots or maybe wait until the sun is lower in the sky. I am so happy to hear that you enjoy doing this too! I don’t mind cocooning but I agree it does make it more difficult to find adventurous people. By the way, I’m always up for an adventure! ☺️


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