3 Weekend Date Ideas

It’s warming up out there, which means.. it is time for me to drag my boyfriend on weekend dates! To kick off summertime, I decided we would take a trip to a local farm and pick some strawberries. Check out these beauties:

We enjoyed seeing the animals, picking berries, and later relaxing poolside with strawberry daiquiris made from our handpicked strawberries!

Looking for date ideas for you and yours? Here are my top 3 picks for this time of year:

  1. Strawberry & Blueberry Picking followed by cocktails outside. Turn your picks into yummy beverages made with natural sugars! We found a random recipe online and got the blender out. It was a great day, followed by a nice date night. This is a super inexpensive date too. I think the day cost us $25 total, and the cocktails were made from ingredients we already had!
  2. Day trips: Who doesn’t love a good day trip? Thomas and I really enjoy the beach so we spend a decent amount of time down the shore in the summer. Day trips are super fun, no matter where you go! I recommend beach trip with some yummy restaurant stops planned, lakeside trips, hiking, or city trips! We are blessed to live in New Jersey which gives us many options for day trip dates.
  3. Groupon it up! Oh come on, its fun! Pick a random Groupon, such as an escape room, wine tasting, or fun restaurant. Go and try something new!


I think these date days really strengthen the bond in your relationship. By doing something new, you are learning and growing together. It is important to switch things up from the status quo. Get off the couch and have some fun!





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