Lessons from July

July was quite a month. I was super busy working on my goals, networking, and enjoying the Jersey Shore. I honestly can not believe how fast time is flying by. This summer seems to move so quickly. I took some time to reflect on July and the lessons this month had taught me, here are a few:


  1. Network, reach out, and be the first to say hello. If you do not ask, the answer is always going to be no. If you put yourself out there, you might be surprised at what happens. Just as it is in business, I find it is nearly the same for friendships. 
  2. RELAX; do not stress yourself out or you will end up loosing your vision on a run and spend the rest of the day with a pounding migraine. It is okay to say no sometimes. I am one tiny person, even though I do not want to believe it.
  3. Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate, alligators gonna alligate. (If you unfollow me after reading that I honestly don’t blame you lol) In all seriousness, this whole blogging and content creation life comes with the territory of taking lots of photos in public. Growing up, my mom always told me not to care about what other people think, and I was pretty good at doing just that. Recently, I was reminded just how much insecure people do not like confident people.  Story time: Thomas photographed some content of me at a concert in July, and an intoxicated women took it upon herself to film him and make rude comments. I asked her why, and she replied that “it was funny” and “to back off because I am half of her size.” I chose to not give her the satisfaction of seeing if it got to me or not, and removed myself from the situation. I think T is freakin awesome for supporting me with all of this, and I think putting other people down says a lot about someone’s character. I can not control other people’s actions, but I can control how I react to them. I chose to ignore the haters. 


July was a packed month full of salt water, good times, some rough patches, and many lessons. What did July teach you?

Looking forward: I am ready for a new month, new goals, and new focus. There are a few changes happening to my schedule in August and I am excited for them. If we do not change, we will not grow. Here’s to a new month full of new adventures, goals, and sunshine!


Photography by: Rob Slovicki


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