Authentic Greek Food in Downtown Somerville

If you are looking for authentic Greek food in central NJ, I recommend a visit to Kyma Greek NJ in downtown Somerville. From the comfortable yet chic atmosphere to the various menu options to the welcoming staff, this restaurant provides an overall great experience for the consumer. The fresh ingredients are locally sourced, and the seafood is from around the world. With a large menu, there are plenty of reasons to make this your new lunch or dinner spot.

Kyma Greek NJ treated my father and I to lunch, so I can provide an honest review for you. Let me start by saying that I enjoy Greek food; however, even if you are not adventurous with your meals I believe you can find something on this menu to enjoy…or you can indulge in a tasty dessert.

My father and I are not picky eaters, and we will try pretty much anything once. I believe I got this adventurous palate from him. I think there is great value in broadening your horizons and trying something new. We let Kyma Greek NJ do the selecting of what to order in regards to appetizers and we selected our main course.

To start, they brought out warm pita slices and a fun spread. I love pita bread, so naturally I enjoyed this. Then, we sampled some unique appetizers. IMG_4155

The white plate contains octopus with pear, chickpeas, and herb salad. The smaller plate contains grape leaves, herb rice, and spiced yogurt. We enjoyed both dishes, but my dad favored the grape leaves. The octopus was firm (not chewy consistency), which is my personal preference.


Cheese, please! If you know me, you know I love cheese. This fancy cheese dish is called Saganaki and includes peppered fig jam. A little story time: When I was growing up, my dad would always pick up “Fig Newton’s.” If you are not familiar with this snack, it’s basically a fig cookie. As a chocolate chip cookie lover myself, I used to roll my eyes every time my dad would get excited about “Fig Newton’s.” There is even a silly dance from the commercial, and my dad will actually break out this dance move before he has them. Needless to say, my dad was excited about this dish!

If I had to compare Saganaki to something I have had in the past, I would say it reminded me of a mozzarella stick but with more cheese, no breadcrumbs and overall better taste. The fig jam was a very nice balance as well. These are definitely great starters if you are looking for authentic Greek food to sample and share.


For our lunch, my dad ordered the Plaki (sea bass dish) and I went with the classic Kiki’s Gyro (chicken gyro). We both really enjoyed our selections. After one bite, my dad announced that he is coming back for this all the time. My gyro was delightful and the French fries were super tasty. I am not one to have potato fries, but these were yummy.


On my instagram story poll, Kiki’s Gyro was voted the more popular choice. Kyma Greek has quite the gyro lunch selection, which allows you to enjoy one of these handhelds with maybe a more adventurous protein choice. From the classic beef and lamb to the salmon wrap, there are ways to switch it up and still enjoy authentic Greek!

Whether you want to enjoy a nice lunch with friends and family, or a fun dinner date, this restaurant has various delicious menu options and indoor/outdoor seating. On Summer Friday’s, Downtown Somerville hosts an old car show. You and your friends and family can enjoy authentic Greek and a nice summer evening outside. Kyma Greek NJ is a great restaurant located in downtown Somerville, and I will definitely be back!


This post was written in collaboration with Kyma Greek.I am not an expert. Please use information at your own risk.

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