Why You Need a CBD Facial


Yesterday, I was blessed with an AMAZING facial from Natalie at My Skin Care and Electrolysis in Fair Lawn, NJ. This was my very first facial, and after one treatment I am hooked! I can see why facials are so beneficial- from hydration to exfoliation to relaxation, it is really an awesome experience.

My Skin Care and Electrolysis has a new facial out on the market- the Green Wellness Facial ft. CBD! I have said it before and I will say it again, CBD has no THC and it is legal! I have used CBD before but I have never heard of a CBD facial. I reviewed their website and gathered some information. I am going to take you through the entire journey at My Skin Care and Electrolysis with Natalie.

Firstly, the facial treatment is located in their Fair Lawn location. The office space was very warm and inviting. Upon arrival you are offered coffee or tea, and you are instructed to complete a questionnaire regarding your previous health and skin care.

Here are some photos of the warm waiting area:


Next, you are moved into one of the treatment rooms. (Ladies, I like to be specific about what to expect so I am sharing everything!) The treatment room looks like this:


You are then required to take off your top (can leave bra on without straps) and put the towel wrap around your body. Bring a hair tie for your hair and remove your bracelets, necklaces, etc. You will wait under the blanket for your treatment.

Natalie was great and talked me through the entire treatment process, sharing tidbits about my skin and the benefits of the procedures.



After hydrating, exfoliating, popping pimples and extracting blackheads, we moved to the relaxing CBD mask.


CBD has many benefits, but what makes a CBD facial so special? Read on!

cbd facial.png

Overall, it was an amazing experience. For more information on the treatment I received click here. Glowing skin is always in✨ Thank you @natalie.esty at @myskincarenj for my wonderful wellness facial 🌿I learned so much about my skin! If you’re in NJ, I recommend checking them out. (Ask for Natalie 😉)


I am not an expert. Please use information at your own risk.

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