3 Ways to Enjoy the Shore (even if you don’t like the beach)

Let’s face it- not everyone enjoys the big ole blue or the sand in their toes… and that is OKAY! While I am a beach person, I understand that it is not for everyone. Rather than try to enjoy the sweat dripping down your face under the hot summer sun, here are 3 ways to enjoy the shore (even if you do not like the beach):

  1. Plan a poolside day.

(Collaboration) My friend Hannah and I had a wonderful September summer day at the Wave resort and 100 Ocean restaurant. We were treated to a rooftop pool day with ocean views at the Wave Resort. We purchased delicious cocktails at the pool bar and relaxed in their lovely cabanas. In September, there are less crowds and cooler air. The ocean breeze is refreshing while you are relaxing outside. It was nice to catch up, talk about our goals and plans.

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2.  Find an oceanfront restaurant.

(gifted) Following our poolside chillin, we headed to 100 Ocean for lunch. This restaurant has outdoor boardwalk seating with great views of the ocean (and views for people watching). 100 Ocean treated us to a HUGE lunch with multiple courses. It was all delicious! My personal favorite picks were the zucchini chips and eggplant dip, the salmon salad, shrimp pasta, and churros for dessert. The key lime pie was a crowd pleaser as well! Restaurants by the sea are a great way to enjoy the ambiance of a beach town without being in the sand or water.

3. Have a boardwalk day.

In September, the boardwalk is a great place to walk. You can enjoy the sunshine from the boards without getting all sandy. It is a great place to take in the salty air. Take some time to walk to boardwalk, explore the shops, grab an ice cream cone, whatever makes you happy!

Even though I love mid-summer at the Jersey Shore, there is definitely something to be said about September beach days. Hopefully, these ideas are useful as you look for activities to do in September. Summer is not over yet, let’s enjoy it while we can.



I am not an expert. Use information at your own risk. I received food and pool passes from the mentioned resort and restaurant.


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