Lessons from August

August seemed to fly by. It was a very busy month full of sand, sunshine, stress, and smiles. (idk why I said that it just flowed… it sounds so corny)

I learned quite a bit this month and spent some time reflecting on these lessons. With each month, comes new goals, chances, and opportunities.. and well, lessons. I am still growing and movin’ and groovin’ my way through this life. Most importantly, I am enjoying the journey and I am excited to see how it all plays out.

Here we go, Lessons from August:

1. Busy does not equal better. I feel like being busy is held on a pedestal sometimes. We are constantly going, going, going, and we forget to take a step back and enjoy the journey. Entrepreneurship and adulthood have been quite the adventure and I can not wait to see where life takes me. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to take a step back and JUST BE. I am grateful for where I am at and excited for where I’ll go, but I do need to enjoy the now. I am 25, and I will never be this young again.


2. Surround yourself with people who get it. Some people are not going to get your corny lame jokes or your passions and that’s okay… they are not your people. It is not the quantity of friends, but the quality of the friendships. I have been blessed with new friendships in August, and I am so thankful for all the friends (including YOU my insta fam) in my life. It is important to surround yourself with people who support you and your dreams, and people who are motivated themselves to go after theirs.

3.  DANCE. In August, Thomas and I attended my friends’ wedding. It may have been the jack and ginger ales, but I convinced Thomas to get out on the dance floor with me. We had a great time! Life is too short to sit at the table and be boring. You’re not too cool to dance.

In short, August was a great month. It went by fast and I definitely overwhelmed myself at times, but it was FULL of life lessons and growth. September is here and it is already moving and grooving. I can not wait to see where September takes me.

Hope you have a wonderful month!


Processed with RNI Films
Processed with RNI Films


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