An Apple Picking Tale

This blog post is about to be dramatic because I feel like being dramatic in my writing tonight… not sure why. I even added some drama to the title “An Apple Picking Tale,” which really just means Thomas and I went apple picking and here’s a dramatic recap. Anyways, here were go…

On Saturday,  I woke up early, went for my morning run, and got ready for what I anticipated being a day of fall fun.

Thomas and I drove to a new-to-us spot in NJ to pick some apples and enjoy some fall festivities. Upon arrival, we saw stands for hard cider made with apples from the orchard! How cool is that? Unfortunately, I left my ID at home… and since I look super young, it was no surprise that the man serving the cider wouldn’t let me have some. Thomas was a gentleman and politely said no to the cider since I could not have any.

Moving on! Admission to the orchard was $2 each, which included the use of a basket for the apples. We picked some really great ones- a variety of different kinds, all crisp and fresh.


Do not tell the apple police about Thomas sampling an apple… SHH.


The combined total for the apples and some apple cider donuts came out to around $20. Not bad for a fun daytime date!

We headed back home and created rather delicious mini apple pies. While they were baking, we watched Hocus Pocus…a Halloween classic! Fun Fact: My cat is named after one of the characters.

Our finished product:


While I am no expert on pie making nor can I disclose the secret recipe shared with me by Thomas’ family, I did find a great easy apple pie recipe online. Click here to try (not a sponsored link, just found it on google.

This tale was not nearly as dramatic as I anticipated, my apologies. I hope you are having a great fall season, and that you enjoy experiencing some of these fall festivities too. Time to cross this off the Fall Bucket List!


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