50 Activities to do this Fall

It’s October (and its 90 degrees…) but it is time to start the fall festivities. Yours truly came up with a great list for you, your friends, family, and significant other to participate in this season. From date night to daily adventure ideas, this list will keep you busy this fall!

50 Activities to do this Fall:

(Fall BUCKET LIST 2019)

  1. Apple Picking
    1. Take those apples and make an apple pie!
  2. Pumpkin Picking
    1. Take those insides and make a pumpkin pie!
    2. OR roast the pumpkin seeds
  3. Carve a Jack O’Lantern
  4. Paint a pumpkin (Michael’s has great kits for this)
  5. Visit a Sunflower Field (these only last for a brief period of time, get there while you can!)
  6. Go on a hayride
  7. Visit a Haunted House/Maze (not for me, just sayin’)
  8. Take a long Nature Walk
  9. Go for a hike on a new trail
  10. Kayak/canoe down a river
  11. Visit a farm/Petting Zoo
  12. Go to a zoo
  13. Watch a scary movie
  14. Bake some slice ‘n bake cookies (you know the ones with the ghosts/pumpkins on them)
  15. Look up a fall recipe on Pinterest and cook dinner for your friends/family/significant other
  16. Make spiked apple cider
  17. Visit a local farm stand and pick up some baked goods/fresh veggies
  18. Visit a fall festival
  19. Take a painting class
  20. Set a Fall goal and write it down every morning
  21. Go to a sporting event- football game/soccer game/baseball game
  22. Build a blanket fort and watch a movie inside
  23. Get your holiday shopping done early! Make that list and stick to it!
  24. Come up with a Halloween costume idea
  25. Go Black Friday shopping
  26. Go cyber Monday shopping
  27. Help with cooking for Thanksgiving/bake a new dessert
  28. Make a fun cocktail and play a drinking game
    1. or Watch a scary movie and create your own drinking game…then play along!
  29. Try a new hair color/hair style
  30. Have a spa day- at home or at the salon
  31. Eat some apple cider donuts
  32. Have a fall movie marathon
  33. Go for a coffee date at a cute coffee shop
  34. Attempt a corn maze
  35. Go for a long bike ride
  36. Have a bonfire with friends
  37. Plan a getaway!
  38. Plan a staycation- Book a hotel/airbnb near you!
  39. Set up a hammock in the woods and talk for hours
  40. Take a drive to the beach
  41. Take your mom/dad/family member out to lunch or dinner
  42. Make a gratitude list
  43. Complete a DIY Project
  44. Pick a random Groupon activity and go!
  45. Go bowling
  46. Visit Topgolf
  47. Try a new restaurant downtown
  48. Decorate for the holidays
  49. Clean out your closet and sell your old clothes on Poshmark or donate them!
  50. Take a long drive to see fall foliage!

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