Why you NEED a Role Model in your Field

This Halloween was definitely one for the books! Thomas and I dressed up as my favorite iconic couple- THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL Lauryn Evarts and her husband Michael Bosstick. IMG_0353 copy.JPG

If you follow me on Instagram (@becsea), you may notice that I share and discuss her content from time to time. I absorb the content she provides on the TSC Him & Her podcast,  her website, and her instagram account. To clarify, Lauryn is a lifestyle blogger and Michael is a serial entrepreneur. They make such an incredible (and good-looking) power couple! From business tips to daily skincare tips and tricks, they are constantly providing value to their audience. It amazes me how much value every instagram story provides! I aspire to be as strong of a blogger as Lauryn one day, and I greatly admire her mentality about it all.

Here are a few key points that Lauryn has taught me thus far:

  • Stay in your own lane. Focus on you and your blog/business. Do not worry about what other people are doing.
  • Be true to you, and do not change for anyone. Time and time again, Lauryn mentions how she is NOT for everyone. That’s okay. As a blogger, you have to remember that your work is not going to be for everyone. You need to find your audience and stick with them.
  • Provide Value. Lauryn was tired of the status quo instagram posts including selfies and flat lays with little to no value. As a blogger, it is important to produce shareable, valuable, tangible takeaways for your audience. Your blog is not for you, it is for the reader.

Lauryn and Michael remind me to LAUGH with, and SUPPORT your partner. They are such a witty couple, and they remind me of my relationship with Thomas. Thomas and I were friends first, just as they were, and we have such a great time together. We also support each other. Thomas takes many of my instagram photos, and supports my blogger lifestyle. I give him a lot of credit for that, and I also support his goals and plans.

Lauryn built a very strong TSC community of women who share tips and tricks with each other. When she shared my photos with the community, I was SO EXCITED.

This blog post is not intended to share just how much I admire my role model, it is to showcase the importance of having a role model in your field.

As a lifestyle blogger, I am constantly trying to improve and provide value to my reader. I do not aspire to do the same exact things as Lauryn, but rather to find my own unique audience and use my own voice. Lauryns signature pink, black, and white logo are easily recognizable to her fan base. She sticks with her aesthetic and I admire the tiny details. I strive to create a brand and sense of community in my own way; however, it is important to have a mentor/role model to look up to. If she can do it, I can too. 

Here are three reasons to find a role model/mentor in your field:

  1. Inspiration Source. I do not mean playing the comparison game. By referring to a role model as a source of inspiration, it reminds me that it is possible to achieve my dream.
  2. Tangible tips and takeaways. The role model/mentor must provide value, and you can use these helpful tips and tricks to find your own success.
  3. It’s fun. I genuinely enjoy seeing the TSC content and learning about topics from beauty to wellness to business. It also creates a sense of community with others who admire your role model’s work as well.

Regardless of the field you are in or your interests, I believe it is beneficial to find a role model. Someone who helped pave the path you want to take, and someone who you can learn from… and when they give you a shoutout, you feel super cool.


This blog post was written based on personal experience. I am not an expert. Consume content at your own risk.

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