3 Snow Day Workouts

There’s SNOW place like home during this winter weather. Snow days are great for cuddling and relaxing, but can often feel unproductive and lazy. To curb the boredom or “blah” feeling, I like to get a workout in.

Here are three of my favorite at home workouts for your next Snow Day:

  1. Tone your Waist and Back! I love this workout because my neck carries my stress and this routine relieves that tension for me.


2.  Cardio & HIIT! This is a great workout for when I am in the mood to torch calories and raise my heart rate. It’s quick and super effective.



3. No squat booty workout! This workout only requires a booty band and is super quick but very effective.


Moral of this post: There are no excuses for not getting a quick workout in, even on snow days! Personally, I feel much better after a good workout. It relieves stress and boosts my productivity. Hope you found this helpful! Enjoy your snow day!

Now for a sweaty post workout cool down…


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with any of these youtube videos. Please use information at your own risk.


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