Getaway Guide to MA

Last weekend, Thomas, Grant, Bryanna and I headed to Massachusetts for a fun getaway.  It was super cold, but we still had a nice time. I feel so blessed to live in NJ, where I have the option to take these little road trips and experience new places.

We headed up to Belmont MA on Friday, where we checked into a cute airbnb. Aside from the snow covering our parking spot, it was a smooth check in process. We headed to a nearby downtown to enjoy some dinner. Unfortunately, dinner at the Chinese restaurant was disgusting. It is very rare that I would leave such a bad review; however, after the grey food, dirty water, and soggy taste… there was nothing good about this restaurant. I have to be honest with ya’ll!

Fortunately, we did not let it ruin our night! We ate snacks, watched a movie, and prepared for a fun day in Boston.

On Saturday morning, we headed into Boston via Uber (which was an expensive mistake). Thomas and I had to uber back to pick up my car, and then grab Grant and Bryanna. We had some Starbucks, saw the USS Constitution, Paul Revere’s House, the Freedom trail and more. We tried to attend the Sowa Christmas Market; however, the line was down the block. We grabbed lunch at a historic pub instead.

This tavern had a very unique vintage vibe! We had sandwiches and burgers and made a spontaneous decision to head to Salem.

It was only a 45 minute drive away, and it was SO worth it. We saw so many cool, spooky spots! From the Hocus Pocus house to the Witch House and more, Salem had some awesome spots !





Fattie’s was an absolute must- delicious cookies and igloos! Super cute!


We headed back to the Airbnb after a fun adventure-filled day. Here, we watched some tv. Thomas and I headed to a local pub for some late night food and a Sam Adam’s Winter Lager beer. Grant and Bryanna stopped in briefly to check it out as well.

On Sunday, we packed up the car and headed back to New Jersey. We made a stop at Cracker Barrel. This was my first time, and it was delicious! I will definitely be back.

Overall, it was a good time. I look forward to more winter weekend getaways in the future.




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