3 Tips to Begin Running

After sharing my run Disney training experiences on Instagram stories, I received quite a few DM’s regarding running, tips and tricks, and ways to get started. This is my second year participating in the Disney Princess Marathon Weekend, and I am so excited! As someone who has exercise-induced asthma and dreaded run day in gym class, it may come as a surprise that I now participate in these and run 3 days a week to prepare! I am not an expert on the matter; however, I have learned a few things throughout my journey and I want to share them with you!


Here are three tips to begin a running journey:

  1. Set a goal. This may sound cliche, but goals are EVERYTHING. My goal last year was to run a 10k at Walt Disney World. My goal this year is to run a half marathon. Without these goals, I would not be as motivated… and it definitely doesn’t hurt that the run will be in my happy place. The goal can be signing up for a run or just a challenge you set for yourself. For example, “I will run X miles in May.” Regardless of the extremity of the goal, it needs to be written down and embedded in your brain.
  2. Follow a running plan. I am currently following a training program for Run Disney. It tells me the length of time I need to run or how many miles I need to run on my run days. By having a schedule, I am holding myself accountable and feel as if I NEED to stick to it. I recommend writing it in your planner, adding it to your phone, etc. This way, you will not forget.
  3. Mindset is everything. On long distance days, like yesterday for example, I had a set plan in my head that I would run 12.5 miles. It was on my schedule, it was my plan, it was going to happen. Throughout the run, I constantly told myself “you will not give up- you are doing it.” Talking to yourself sounds silly, but it definitely makes all the difference in the world. You need to believe that you can do it. There is a great quote- “Believe you can and your halfway there.” Running is a combination of mental and physical strength.
  4. BONUS: Prepare for each run. Here are some of my MUST HAVES before running.
    1. Healthy breakfast. I personally like to have something a few hours before I run. I usually have kodiak pancakes with PB fit.
    2. Charge your headphones. I breathe HEAVY, and that is okay; however, the heavy breathing can really psych me out! I recommend setting a good playlist with music that PUMPS YOU UP! I prefer to have music or a podcast going throughout my run to take my mind off of the running and my heavy breathing.
    3. Attire is important! I bundle up on cold days in a 32 degree jacket from Macy’s. Click here to shop! This jacket keeps me warm, without being too bulky. Depending on the temperature, I will wear gloves as well. I wear fleece leggings. Click here for a great pair from Forever 21!I also have on a comfy sports bra. To shop- click here. 




By shopping through these links, you are supporting the blogger behind this post! I am not an expert. Use information at your own risk.

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