5 Lessons from January 2020

My goal is to do a recap post of every single month from 2020! I literally just decided this 10 minutes ago, but I think it would be a great way to look back at the end of the year. Here goes nothing:

January, wow. I can not believe it is already over but at the same time, SO MUCH happened. 

Here are some takeaways from January:

  1. Set the plan for those goals. Yes goal setting is fantastic, but the goals do not get accomplished without a timeline. I bought that planner, set that plan in place, and now I am making it happen. I learned that self confidence comes when you keep the promises you make to yourself (thank you Ed Mylett)!
  2. Trust your gut. This month, I had some SERIOUS decision making regarding my career path and moving forward in my life. While I was blessed with options, I was also overwhelmed with decision-making. I am so glad that I trusted my gut. I am very happy with my decisions and where I am career wise and also business wise. Let’s keep this momentum going into February.
  3. BREATHE. Gosh, I really need to keep up with this one. Yours truly suffered from another BAD migraine that lasted ALL DAY. I get all the symptoms from the loss of vision to the numbness in my arm and face to the vomit to the sensitivity to light plus the bad headache of course. It is honestly horrible, but it is how my body reacts to unhandled stress. This is my internal physical reminder that I need to breathe.
  4. Rest and Stretch. Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my leg during my half marathon training. It was painful to walk for days. The one plus of this- I realized just how freakin’ POWERFUL and AMAZING my body is! I was able to run 14 miles in one session and despite the pulled muscle, I was able to recover. We really rock guys! Expressing gratitude for my body and its capabilities is super important.
  5. EDUCATE yourself. Learn about things, not just business-related, but life-related. I am having so much fun learning about holistic Chinese medicine lately.


Another topic from January that I believe is important to note:

Remember to make time to go outside. January is the dead of winter, it is cold and dark and let’s be honest, it has some gloomy miserable days. I think it is so important to go out and get that vitamin D when you can. For me, it clears my head and gives me a chance to enjoy nature. 

Hope you enjoyed this recap from January, cheers to another month!

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