Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020

V is for vodka, Vans, very early Valentine’s Day celebrations since Thomas is going snowboarding out in Colorado for a while… and VALENTINES DAY GIFT GUIDE! Woohoo, it is here, it is live!

Thomas and I spent the weekend in Atlantic City. We ate some yummy food, enjoyed some tasty cocktails, and had a great time together! My #1 gift idea would be a staycation in an airbnb or a hotel. It’s nice to getaway and spend time together-life gets crazy, ya know? If a staycation is not on your agenda, I rounded up some awesome ideas to make your man or lady feel extra special on Valentine’s Day. By shopping through these links, you are supporting the blogger behind this post.



Gifts for Him

  1. Groupon Activity: From brewery tours to wine tastings to mini golf, Groupon has a variety of fun activity options.
  2. Hammock: What a fun gift for the adventurer in your life. I found this one on amazon for around $30!
  3. Red Checkered vans! I got these for Thomas and he loved them.
  4. Some new winter apparel: Always fun to spice up the wardrobe, why not snag a new winter sweater for your man? Hey, it is still winter for a while in New Jersey.
  5. Made Here Brand Boxer Briefs: Click here to see more apparel options from (and a video of Thomas modeling)
  6. Hydroflask: Another great gift that he will use!
  7. New beanie or hat!
  8. New adventure bag: I got a Burton backpack for Thomas recently and it is favorite! He brings it everywhere!
  9. Some new lingerie for you and new boxer briefs for him: click here
  10. New book- Colin O’brady recently released a book called “The Impossible First” and it is all about his amazing adventures

To shop the above on Amazon,click here. 

BONUS: Matching workout outfits! Okay this one was too fun not to include! You can shop these matching active outfits here: CLICK HERE 



Gifts for Her

  1. Flowers. Cliche maybe, but it is a great way to make your girl smile.
  2. High quality chocolate or sweet treats. None of the cheap chocolate guys.
  3. Dinner and drinks! Classic option, but a great way to spend quality time together.
  4. Photo frame with a nice handwritten note.
  5. Accessories! Linked some below from Nordstrom Rack! Great prices for quality pieces.
    1. Ted Baker Keychain: click here
    2. LUV Betsey Bag: Click here
    3. Dolce & Gabbana Travel set: click here
    4. Burberry Mini Eau de Parfum: click here
    5. Sunglasses: click here
  6. Rainboots! Must have for winter to spring! click here
  7. Initial Necklace: click here
  8. Throw Blanket click here
  9. Polaroid camera: click here
  10. Ring Holder: click here


Hope you enjoy these ideas! As a bonus, here is an easy cocktail to make on Valentine’s Day! Thomas and I enjoyed this mix before dinner.


OceanSpray PINK Cranberry ft. Passionfruit flavor + lemon vodka! Must be 21 +. Consume at your own risk. I also was not hungover the next day, so that was cool.



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