What to Pack on your Disney Vacation

As a frequent Disney vacationer, I felt it was only fair to share my Disney vacation packing list! What to pack on your Disney Vacation; let’s dive right into it!

First off, I would love to bring more with me; however, I usually opt for just a carry-on for my Disney trips…you know added baggage fees and all. This list includes the necessities, starting with these little beauties!



I just received new Arendalle mickey ears and I am SO excited to rep them in Disney! Pictured are the classic Minnie ears, authentic to Disney parks!

2. Comfortable footwear is a MUST plus bring a pair of flip flops! I am wearing Earth Shoes in the above photo and plan to pack my new mickey crocs for my next Disney trip! Disney requires a lot of moving around, so if you are on your feet you will want to have comfortable footwear.

3. Sunscreen. Florida sun is super strong, and it is important to keep your skin safe! I use It Cosmetics CC cream for my face which includes SPF 50! You may sweat while you’re walking around the parks, so be sure to reapply! Read here about why I choose Raw Elements USA as my sunscreen of choice.

4. Headphones for the airplane ride! Download podcasts and music ahead of time to avoid having to pay for WiFi.

IMG_0240 2

5. The necessities:

  • Ear plugs- in case you’re snaring room with a snorer
  • Hairbrush (you can skip the shampoo/conditioner as this will already be in your hotel room.. we are keeping it simple! Read more here. )
  • Make up- even though you are already BEAUTIFUL!
  • Sunglasses- they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing!
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash

6. Extra Battery Pack- Phone batteries just do not seem to last,  do they? I recommend an external battery pack to refuel throughout the day.

7. Backpack/Fanny Pack/Crossbody bag: Keep it hands free throughout the day while carrying your must haves!

9. Swimsuit! Disney Resorts have pools and it can be fun to cool off after a hot day in the parks. Click here for must have Spring Break Style Finds. 

10. Last but not least- Disney tee! The best part about Disney is that everyone is a kid. You do not have to worry about getting dressed up or packing fancy outfits. Comfort is KEY and while Disney is great for photo opportunities, it is also a place to let loose and have fun. I love acting like a kid again in Disney tee shirts and sweatshirts and parading around the park with a margarita or Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.


While I purchase a lot of Disney merchandise at the parks, I found some great options on Forever 21 and the Disney store online.

I hope you found this blog post helpful, and I hope you have an amazing Disney vacation! Sending you lots of magical vibes!


I am not an expert; use information at your own risk!


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