Lessons From February 2020

Can you believe it is MARCH? Did you celebrate the Leap Day yesterday? 2020 seems to be flying by, and yours truly is holding up my resolution to take time at the end of each month to reflect on the lessons learned.

February was a very eventful month for me. It was a good month; there were definitely some tough days and hard times, but there were also GREAT moments.


Here are 5 Lessons from February 2020:

  1. Take it easy and enjoy JOMO! What is JOMO you ask? Well, we have all heard of FOMO but JOMO is the “joy of missing out.” I learned that if it is not a HELL YES when I am making plans, it needs to be a no. Life is too short and I am too busy chasing my dreams and working on my goals to say “yes” to events that do not fulfill me or help me grow.
  2. Focus on meaningful content, even if that means producing less content. I really made an effort this year to focus on content that provides VALUE. My followers spend time with me every single day, my content should be about them.
  3. Showcase the behind the scenes and the less “exciting” parts of my day. I shared instagram stories through my work day/daily routine, and I received a high number of story views! It seems my audience likes to see that every day is not a crazy adventure and it creates common ground.
  4. Express gratitude for friends and family. I am so blessed to have a great family and amazing friends who motivate me, believe in me, and push me to keep going after my dreams! I am so grateful for my momma, who ran in a half marathon with me this month!
  5. I like surprises…Thomas surprised me with a Valentine’s Day gift while he was away in Colorado. It really made me smile! We spent a lot of time apart this month with our travel schedule and March will be similar in that aspect. I am blessed to be in a relationship that allows me to grow individually while being strong together. 85251836_10157436130974091_7724280390143180800_n

The highlight of my month was when I ran my first half marathon with my mom at Walt Disney World. We trained so hard for this day, and it was a wonderful experience. I am grateful for February 2020, and can not wait to see what March has in store! Wishing you a great month ahead!



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