England and Ireland Adventure Tips

my cousin and I took an adventure to England and Ireland. From our fully-packed agenda, I am sharing England and Ireland Must Do’s.

With all that is going on in the world, I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to have experienced an amazing week in England/Ireland and to be able to return back to the USA. 

flight to London

Our journey began on a Saturday night. We flew on an overnight flight to London Heathrow from Newark (EWR) until London Heathrow Airport. We purchased our tickets in the fall and flew Virgin Atlantic. We got a great deal on our tickets!

TIP: I recommend using Google Flights to track your flight prices. 

When we arrived on Sunday, my cousin’s friend and his girlfriend showed us the way via the underground. We enjoyed some lunch at a pub and checked into our hotel.

TIP: Try a Sunday roast! I enjoyed the half chicken roast at a great price. (I was also super hungry from the flight/lack of sleep)

We stayed at the Premier Inn near the London Eye. For a great price, we were located in an excellent area! With lots in walking distance and a clean simple room, we enjoyed this  hotel.

the building on the left is our hotel!
the building on the left is our hotel!

We spent the day walking around and using the underground to travel to the must see locations:

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Peggy Porschen
  • Buckingham Palace

We spent the day sightseeing, enjoyed a nice dinner and drinks, and called it a day! We were exhausted.

Day two, we headed to the London Eye and River Thames for a tour. We grabbed breakfast prior to the tours.

TIP: Book your tickets for the London Eye and River Thames in advance online! It is cheaper, and super easy! We even added a drink option, and enjoyed some delicious cocktails in between tours. 

Morgan and I even got videotaped for social media as this was the London Eye 20th Anniversary celebration! After this, we walked around, explored Soho and tried the famous EL&N Cafe!

We had such a great day, and enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Anchor at night. The Anchor is a famous bar, where Shakespeare and even Tom Cruise, enjoyed drinks and food!

TIP: Try a pornstar martini! I know the name is ridiculous, but it is a must have in the UK. (drink responsibly)

Tuesday, it was rise and shine and we headed to the airport for our flight to Dublin. We enjoyed a delicious organic breakfast at a bread restaurant nearby.


When we landed in Ireland, tears flooded my eyes. I was so happy to be here again. Ireland is home and an adventure all at once. We checked into the Holiday Inn Express, and were blessed with comfortable accommodations and a gorgeous view!

We enjoyed dinner and drinks at Murray’s, a famous traditional pub, and we had a fun night out at three bars all connected and located closely to our hotel.

TIP: Try the Jameson, Ginger, and Lime. Delish!

On Wednesday, we boarded the tour bus nearby for our Wild Rover Tour to Cliffs of Moher.

TIP: Book tours on Wild Rover Tours in advance. We had so much fun and the tours were very informative. It is definitely worth it!

The Cliffs of Moher were absolutely gorgeous. After, we enjoyed lunch (fish & chips) in Galway.

TIP: Pick up a claddagh ring in Galway- this is the city where these rings originated! 


The tour was 13 hours long! We learned a lot and saw views I will never forget.

The next morning, we boarded the bus again for a trip to Northern Ireland. On this tour, we participated in the Black Taxi Political Tour. It was super informative and showcased the political rivalry in Belfast.


After this tour, we ventured to the Giants Causeway. It was incredibly windy and pouring rain. We still participated in the hike though and we were so glad we did.



Lunch was salmon over Guinness bread with coffee.

TIP: Try Guiness Bread, it’s delicious! 

Unfortunately, the rope bridge was closed due to high winds. Our tour ended early, but we were exhausted!

On Friday, we had time to relax and enjoy the city of Dublin. We went to gift shops, sampled Jameson and enjoyed a nice lunch.


I will be honest, we got pretty twisted. We were safe and had a lot of fun!

IMG_1631 2

We had a flight from Dublin to London and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express London Heathrow. This airport and hotel were not as close as we hoped, it required quite a bit of walking and riding trains. When I checked in, I was awarded GUEST OF THE DAY! This meant free drinks and a fancy free breakfast! Plus, we enjoyed a room with a runway view. Such a nice surprise!

On Saturday, we flew home. It was a day full of anxiety about whether we would get home due to flight restrictions. The UK was not listed on the travel ban during our flight; however, a ban was issued shortly after.

Overall, we had a great trip! I hope you find these tips helpful when planning your adventure to the United Kingdom. Feel free to ask any questions.

To conclude, here is a 60 second recap of our adventure:

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