Influencer Marketing for Brands

On Monday’s episode of the Branding with Becks podcast, we discuss influencer marketing for brands.

I share what brands should look for when collaborating with influencers. This episode (and blog post) is not only for brands, but also for influencers looking to gain a better understanding on influencer marketing.

Let’s get started!

Here are 5 topics to think about when potentially collaborating with an influencer:

  • High quality SHAREABLE content: Check for strong photography, writing, and content creation skills. When an influencer creates content for your brand in the future, you may then have the ability to share and repurpose it for your social media channels.
  • Multiple platforms: Check to see if the influencer/creator has taken the initiative to establish his/her own platform. This includes a podcast, email list, website, etc. These are additional channels to help spread the word. PLUS, you are not controlled by an algorithm.
  • Authentic Engagement: Scout instagram posts for potential use of engagement groups, generic comments, bots, etc.
  • Look for real follower connections: Are others sharing the influencers work? Were they inspired by this influencer? Do they have any testimonials?
  • Brand Connections: Has this influencer used your brand already? Are they passionate about it?

I hope this article helped you gain a better understanding on influencer marketing. I am not an expert; however, I do have experience in this field.

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