Why You NEED Your Own Platform NOW

The Real Scare this Halloween: Cens0rship. Today, we dive into the importance of having your own platform. 

Recently, thousands of accounts were disabled or deleted on iG and Tw!tter. Hashtags were also disabled.

Essentially, these companies are getting away with silencing viewpoints they do not agree with. Many influencers and bloggers are creating back up accounts after being deleted or in fear of becoming the next group of deleted accounts. 

If you are passionate about blogging or have built an audience, I highly recommend creating your own platform now. This would be a place you OWN, that is YOURS. 

Types of Platforms: 

  • Website/Blog. Purchase the domain. I use WordPress; however, there are a variety of hosting services out there. 
  • Email List: Mailchimp is an easy place to start with this one. 
  • Podcast
  • Texting List

What differentiates these platforms from a social network?

  • You own your audience list and contact information.  
  • You are in control of the content you share.
  • You control the algorithm. 

Having your own platform is not necessary for everyone; however if you are interested in continuing to grow in the online space I highly recommend it. 

The future of social media is unknown; platforms come and go, but real relationships and trust between you and your audience can continue on for years to come. 

Your time is valuable, listen to my personal branding lessons on the go! 

For more information on personal branding, listen to my podcast here: https://anchor.fm/brandingwithbecks

Also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify! 

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