Focus on the micro

When the big picture feels out of your control, focus on the micro.

Recently, I listened to a really great podcast episode. (Click here to listen) They discuss the importance of focusing on what you can control, and how this can ultimately make the changes in your quality of life and better the lives of those around you.

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2020 has really taught us how so much can feel out of our control. Something humans seem to crave is control, and when they can not control something or someone they exhibit lots of different emotions, some even lash out against others.

In a simple example, when the power goes out I get frustrated. Nature is out of my control. In my belief, God is always in control. No man, article, person, or social media infographic can make me believe otherwise.

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Something I noticed when things happen in the world, many turn to social media to give them a sense of control. People quickly share instagram stories and tweets, repost a graphic, send a hateful message, or leave a nasty comment for people with different views. Attacking others, spewing hate, or sharing an instagram story is not going to bring change. It just creates divide. A lot of people will not like to hear this- but your posts are more for you than for the outside world.. That instagram story is not going to change the world for the better, it might have given you a 5 second sense of community and agreement with someone else, but really that’s it. These quick reactions are discussed further in another blog post of mine.

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In a world of constant change and what seems to be chaos, focus on what you can control.

Focus on being a better, kinder, more caring person.

Focus on being a better girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, friend, family member.

Focus on how you can be better in your career or in your business.

Be in the moment with loved ones.

Read more books.

Change starts at the dinner table. Talk to your family and friends and significant other about how you can make life better, easier, happier where you are.

Express gratitude.

This is not to say roll over and accept bad in the world, I do believe we need to stand up for what we believe in; however, we need to focus on ways we can do this, creating a plan, and this all starts with day to day.

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