how to practice MINDFULNESS

I’ve been reading quite a bit lately, and in my book it stresses the importance of practicing mindfulness. Especially during times of stress or when experiencing uncertainty.

I am no expert. This is how I practice mindfulness and hopefully you find some takeaways from this post.

From March of 2020 until present day, life has seemed chaotic and times have been tough. Freedoms and everyday life habits were taken away. Many are fearful. Many are sad.

The world can feel heavy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the quote “the only way out is through.” I remind myself of this when I crave the normalcy of 2019.

I find peace by living in the moment and in prayer. 

How can you practice mindfulness? Well here are some simple ways:

Practicing mindfulness. Smiling. Reading. Laughing. Putting down the phone. Turning off the tv. Breathing in fresh air. Walking. Running. Training. Eating. Drinking. Traveling. Working. Planning. Wearing sweatpants. Getting dressed up. Taking a step back. 


The general idea is to focus on the present moment and enjoy your immediate surroundings. The people around you, the book in your hand, the spring night breeze. The little things. These things take you to your present and remind us of the blessings we have.

This is not to ignore the happenings of the world, but rather to remember to enjoy the moment and where you are now. For me, finding a balance is important. It helps me stay informed while continuing to live my life and remember that life is precious and it is short.

Each day that goes by is another day of my life’s story. I do not wish to live it in fear. I appreciate the moments on this planet, and the moments with the ones I love.

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