Season 3: Branding with BEcks

Welcome to Season 3 of Branding with Becks! If you are a frequent listener, welcome back and if you are new here, welcome to the party.

It has been quite a while, and for that I apologize. I took a break from the podcast; this past year and few months were crazy, and I needed to focus on other things and spend less time on social media. I spent lots of quality time with friends and family, started a new job, and made some new friends. The podcasting space is super fun for me, slightly intimidating but hey, I can do this in sweatpants and you’d have no idea!

Today, I am sharing some updates as well as what to expect on Season 3 of the show! If you prefer to listen, click here.

Endless summer shop is BACK! I know it’s ironic that ENDLESS summer shop ended for a little while. I like to say postponed. The warm weather is back in NJ and it’s time for cute summer apparel. This time, all made by yours truly.

Picture this: you spent the day on the beach you’re salty, sandy, basically a gross hot mess. You take a shower and get cleaned up and put on a nice cozy sweatshirt from endless summer shop and watch the sunset on the beach while sipping a cocktail. Life is good. THAT MY FRIENDS IS HOW I WANT YOU TO FEEL in ENDLESS SUMMER SHOP. Each piece is made by yours truly and each piece is soft and cozy. There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable cheap tee shirt or sweatshirt. Like ew why bother. Let’s get cozy, let’s get cute, let’s get some ESS. Cute boy approved and by cute boy, I mean Thomas.

This season, we chat about a variety of topics and we dive deeper than ever before.

We also have a variety of guest stars on the show. From bloggers to entrepreneurs to photographers to small business owners and more, we dive into fun topics and have a great time!

Branding, social media marketing, and entrepreneurial Podcast is back!

If you enjoy the show, I would really appreciate a rate/review on apple podcasts.

Anyways, tell me EVERYTHING! I have miss my lil podcast community.

We’re back with Season 3: It’s byob and byon (bring your own notebook) and take notes ladies because we are sharing all the deets!

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