Useful Holiday Gifts

As we continue to experience growing inflation and supply chain shortages, this is the year for useful holiday gifts.

I could go on and on about my views of what is causing this chaos; however, for this blog posts sake, I am going to simply share useful gifts for the lady, man, parent, sibling, friend, coworker, pet, and more in your life.

Disclaimer: These links are affiliate links and I make a very small commission when you shop through them. Okay, let’s get started!

Daily Products:

Daily products make great stocking stuffers and additions to any gift. I personally have used many of the items listed below including the deodorant and toothpaste, and I can tell you that THEY WORK. You do not need fluoride or aluminum in your daily products.


This is a great way to support small local businesses and/or to have fun with whoever you are giving the gift too! The winter can be tough for people to stay active, why not do a ski/snowboard trip?

  • Groupons for local small businesses
  • Roadtrips
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Airbnb/Hotel Stays
  • Skiing/Snowboarding Trip

Workout Equipment:

As you guys know, I am a big fitness junkie. I love staying active and getting my workouts in. At home workout equipment makes a great gift.

Books & Journals:

Knowledge is power! Here are a few that make great personable and intimate gifts:

  • The Bible & Daily Devotionals
  • Historical Books
  • Nice journal and pen set


If you have not read “The Mineral Fix” yet, I highly recommend it. Vitamins make a great stocking stuffer. While I am not an expert, here are some ideas:

Healthy Snacks:

Healthy snacks make great stocking stuffers, or combine them with some other items in this list to create a nice basket:

  • Protein Bars
  • SmartSweets: Use code BECSEA
  • Natural Tea: Twin Flame Tea

Gifts for Pets:

Clean Household Items:

  • Public Goods subscription

Cold weather Gear:

Survival Kits:

This is a very cute idea for an adventurer in your family. Compile items into a gift basket for a unique and useful gift.

Now let’s dive into some items that I would not recommend buying:

-Gift cards (such as visa gift cards): the US dollar is decreasing in value, the gift card will not go as far. The added fees also detract from the total that could be gifted. Stick with cash instead, cash is king.

-Trendy, inexpensive clothing: Invest in high quality pieces that will last a while, also MADE IN THE USA. I’m guilty of buying trendy pieces for myself for events; however, basic timeless high quality clothing makes a much better gift.

I hope you found this list helpful as we prepare for the holiday season, which is coming FAST. Giving a donation to a nonprofit in a friend or family member’s name also makes a unique non-material gift!

Remember the real meaning of the holidays, it is not about the gifts. Enjoy time with your loved ones or enjoy it practicing your faith. Feel free to comment any other ideas you may have! Wishing you a great holiday season!

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