Afraid of Being Cancelled? Read this.

Are you afraid of being cancelled? Read on to see why you should speak your mind and share your beliefs freely without living in fear.

Take it from someone who many tried to cancel, getting “cancelled” can be quite freeing. I use quotes because they really can only cancel you if you let them, they can only silence you if you stop speaking up, and they can only diminish your views if you stop believing in them.

Now for the patriotic lady in me… we are truly blessed to live in a country with the 1st Amendment. While censorship can seem out of control these days, we do still have the God-given right to speak our minds. Many do not realize how this is not granted to others in different areas of the world. It surprises me how there are people in the USA cheering on censorship and advocating for this to be taken away. If you need a reason to speak your mind, think about all those who live their lives without the ability to.

Throughout the past few years, we have seen a trend of people becoming more and more comfortable being mean behind a screen. Between the trolling and name-calling, social media can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying. Social media gives the illusion that you know someone when you may or may not have ever actually met them in real life. It makes people feel closer to others and entitled to voice criticism on others. Sometimes it seems like the days of “agree to disagree” are no longer an option, and the harassment can continue to pile on. There is very little conversation and effort to understand someone else’s point of view, and hopefully as more continue to speak their minds, we can open up topics of conversation.

I see many people on social media trying to hide how they feel for fear of upsetting or disagreeing with their peers. I get direct messages frequently from likeminded individuals who are too nervous to voice their opinions or even to like a post! Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your views and beliefs. Could you imagine the ripple effect if we all started speaking our minds?

If you live in fear of getting cancelled, you’ll spend your time tiptoeing and walking on eggshells to avoid confrontation or avoid losing a follower or friend.

This fear of being cancelled has made content inauthentic, comedy unfunny, and connections surface-level. 


Here’s the reality: you’re not going to please everyone. No matter how much you apologize or try to post all the trending things or try to hide your thoughts, it will never be enough for everyone. 

As Dr Seuss says, “be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Ps. They even tried to cancel Dr Seuss. 

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