The only way out is through

“The only way out is through,” has been on repeat in my head throughout the past 600 days or so.

I look at this picture from March 2020, and I feel so many emotions. Part of me wants to go back to life how it was during this photo. I was over the pond with my cousin; I was excited, I was fearless, the economy was great, I was on an adventure, life was good. 😌 

I was also clueless about what was to come. 

While I miss the normalcy we had, I am also aware of so much now. I have learned a lot, I opened my eyes to more. I learned who my real friends are, I have connected with people I had never met before, and I have grown. I’ve used my voice, and I’ve become stronger mentally and physically. I developed a thicker skin.

I have become closer to God and my faith. 

There was a reason I ventured one of my favorite places (Ireland, not England 😉) at this time, just as the world was closing down.  It’s tough to say, but I’m not sure if or when I’ll be back there again. While yes travel is “allowed”, I wonder if it will ever be the same again. I wonder if the freedom that came with travel before will ever return.

Nostalgia happens, but it is important to focus on what matters and what I can control: spending with my family & my real friends, and praying and working towards a brighter future.

Faith over fear, my friends. It’s not easy, some times it can feel really hard. We have to believe that the best is yet to come. 🌟

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