3 Ways to Monetize Your Influence

Have you been wondering how people make money online? Learn 3 ways to monetize your influence.

In the online world, there are so many ways to monetize your influence. Social media, both a blessing and a curse, was most likely created to connect people online; however, it certainly grew into what feels like a heavy advertising space. As it continues to grow, more people are learning how to make money online without having a huge following… or even posting!

Did you know that you do not have to be a blogger/influencer to have influence? Literally everyone has influence, we just do not always realize it. You do not have to have thousands of followers, you do not have to have a huge group of friends, you do not have to even post online. Let’s dive into three ways to monetize your influence.

First and possibly the most well-known in the blogger world, is Reward Style. Reward Style (LTK) is an app that allows bloggers and creators to earn commission on purchases made through links on blog posts, Pinterest, and Instagram posts. You can find me on LTK here: @becsea On my page, you can shop my looks and daily sales that I find. When you purchase through my page, I make a small commission. While LTK can be a great way to earn additional income, it is not always a consistent revenue stream and the commission rate is low…sometimes even just cents! If you are interested in joining you do need to apply, and since this app does require consistent posting, it is important to consider how much time you have to devote to it.

Example of a LTK post

Second, you can monetize your influence through content creation. There are two ways to do this! First, you can collaborate with brands and charge a rate for content creation. Content creation is the process of creating the photos, videos, blog post, etc., that the brand can then use for their marketing purposes. This is a great option for those who are creative and business-minded as there are contracts and negotiations to consider. The other way to monetize content creation is through sponsored content. This requires creating the content for a brand and then sharing this content to your platforms. Many brands look for strong following and/or engagement level before taking this step. (DO NOT BUY LIKES OR FOLLOWERS. Take it from someone who has worked as a social media manager, it is very obvious.) Comments, saves, and shares are KING. Remember this when producing content.

Lastly, you can create a consistent revenue stream while joining a network marketing team. This does not require a huge social media following; however, it does require dedication and confidence to reach out to those around you. It does not require posting online, though it can certainly help. After sampling some of their products, I recently decided to work with Arbonne. I truly enjoyed the products that I tried (especially the Fizz Sticks), and look forward to using more of them. The clean ingredients were a big seller for me, and the fact that they have clean beauty, skincare, and wellness products for both women and men. Please feel free to reach out if this is something you’d like to be apart of or if you’d like to try the products!

I hope you found this short and sweet blog post useful as you embark on your online monetary journey. Social media marketing and using influence to make an income continues to grow in budget year after year…and there is room in the industry for everyone. It is NOT easy, but working from anywhere and getting to be creative and business-savy is worth it to me.

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