Remembering our last normal week

Two years ago, we had our last normal week and no one knew it. Remembering our last normal week.

On this day two years ago, my cousin and I boarded a plane to London. We were unsure if it was the right decision to go, but ultimately decided to live free and go for it! 

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Halfway through the week, we headed to (one of my absolute favorite places) Ireland. We went on crazy adventures during the day and spent our nights at the pub singing and listening to Irish folk music. Maybe it is because I am Irish; however, Ireland gives me a feeling of being home. We had such a great time here and then headed back to London for our flight back to the USA.

While on the plane ride home from London, my cousin got a nudge from another passenger. Turns out we boarded the last normal flight back home.

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These past few years have been a lot of unlearning and learning for me, a lot of questioning, reading, and thinking. It’s been eye opening and mind opening to say the least. I often hear people upset to be living through these times, and while they’re not easy… I think about the generations before us, and they didn’t have it easy. I also know that God put us here at this time for a reason.

So, happy two year anniversary of 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

I think most people have realized that everything that is happening is apart of something much bigger, a plan many years in the making. If you haven’t pieced it all together yet, you might want to start or you can live in a blissful ignorance (I find myself thinking wow must be nice from time to time). I miss when things were simpler, life was easy, gas was cheap.

I’m sure to some I seem crazy, but as more and more has come out, I think people are starting to realize the “crazy” ones have been right all along… 

I am grateful for the adventure I had as the world closed, and thankful to be here during this time. 

“Perhaps you were born for such a time as this” Esther 4:14

Keep the faith. 

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