Stay strong, stay soft

Even as we live through these difficult and uncertain times, do not let the worldly events make you hard. Sometimes being soft is strong.

sometimes being soft is strong quote

As we move through events that are hard to navigate, we have to remember to stay soft, kind, loving, and most importantly, faithful.

This may not be what you want to hear; however, I do not believe our hardest times are over and I do not think we have seen the worse of times yet. I do believe what we are experiencing on a day to day has been in the works a long time, and as more is revealed, more people are waking up.

I have learned quite a bit over the past few years, and I opened my eyes and ears. I have unlearned as well. Wow, I have grown.

As we feel a range of emotions on a daily basis, I believe it is important to remind ourselves of what is truly important. What is important to you? What makes you smile, laugh, and feel fulfilled?

Personally, I believe it is important to learn how to be self-sufficient, to turn off the news and fearful media, to take care of our mental and physical health, and to pick up our Bibles. I believe the answers to all our questions and more can be found there. I believe it is important to spend time with loved ones and do things we enjoy and to live our lives.

It’s also important to express gratitude, to be present, and to take note of the little things.

As I sit here and write this blog post, I am grateful for the sunshine shining through the window on this warm breezy 80 degree day. I am grateful for the steak that is cooking up for dinner and the garlic potatoes I just baked. I am grateful for this glass of wine. I am grateful for the ability to write and share my thoughts on my platform. I am grateful to be able to connect with people from around the world online. I am grateful for friends, new and old.

The real importance in life comes from these little things. How truly blessed I am to be alive and awake during these times!

We are strong, and we are also soft.

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