Book Review: 12 Rules for Life: AN Antidote to Chaos

Are you a member of our book club? Read on for my book review of “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos” by Jordan B Peterson.

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Now that we got some housekeeping links out of the way, let’s dive into the review. As usual, these opinions are my own.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Jordan B Peterson. I find his work fascinating and truly enjoy listening to his interviews and lectures. He writing style makes you feel as if he is in the room with you, talking to you as a friend. I enjoy this conversational writing style, I feel calm and content.

In a time of chaos and uncertainty in the world around us, I picked up this book as a small escape. I needed a break from political books and I selfishly wanted to read something for me. What are the rules to life? How can I find peace in a time which seems to be absolute chaos? Well, this book did a great job of allowing me to forget about the world around me and focus on my day to day, which I can control.

As I read through the rules, I learned about myself. I learned to be more self-aware and to focus on the things I can control. I greatly enjoyed reading about these 12 Rules… and no, I am not going to spoil them for you.

Reading on the beach

This book includes a variety of topics, such as straddling the line between order and security. I enjoy taking time to think about big picture ideas that can be applied to day to day. Jordan B Peterson shares his personal experiences in ways which you may be able to compare them to your own life. It’s quite a fun ride and a decent size book. It’s one that you can pick up and read when you have a spare moment. There are no “characters” developing, except for you. Trust me-you’ll want to highlight and take pictures of your favorite excerpts.

That’s all for now… you’ll have to read for yourself!

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