3 Pieces on my Rihoas Wishlist

When it comes to chic and affordable style, Rihoas has both! This winter, I am compiling a wishlist of 3 adorable and fashionable finds from Rihoas online store. These closet staples are must-haves. (Disclaimer: links are affiliate links)

To begin, we start with the Water Ripple Textured White Backless Midi Dress. The unique texture and classy style makes this piece perfect for a summer night and can be dressed up for a winter white holiday look.

Next, we have the Solid Belted Straight Jeans in White. The fit, color, and chic belt detail add a sophisticated and nautical style to any outfit. Pair them with a cardigan in the winter or a flowy summer tank top.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Brown Collard Double-breasted Corduroy Coat. This vintage-vibe coat is perfect for these chilly months and works for workwear as well!

Hope you enjoyed my top 3 wishlist items form Rihoas. There are SO many great finds on their website, so be sure to check them out!

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