RIHOAs Apparel Review

Following my Rihoas Wish List post, I was able to try a few Rihoas pieces out for myself! Today, I am sharing my Rihoas apparel review, complete with a photo and video of the pieces.

(Disclaimer: This is a collaboration. By shopping these links you are supporting the blogger behind this post As always, opinions are my own)

Let’s start with the first: The Water Ripple Textured White Backless Midi Dress

My honest review: This dress is a great material, not see-through, and includes beautiful details. The dress fit like a glove, which was great! I would recommend this dress for going out to dinner or an event on a summer night.

Next, we have the Solid Belted Straight Jeans in White. 

My honest review: These pants caught my eye due to the high waisted style and cute matching belt. Just like the dress, these pants also fit like a glove and offer some stretch and movement room. I’d recommend these during a summer date night, a work function, or for running errands.

Overall, these two pieces are great additions to my wardrobe and can be styled for various seasons. They are comfortable pieces in very trendy styles!

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