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As we kick off a new year, it can be a great time to evaluate what is working, what is not, and what direction you want to move forward in throughout various aspects of your life. This past week, I took some time to dive into my social media strategy for my blog, podcast, and social media channels. In today’s blog post, I am going to dive into my content pillars and share how you can find yours too!

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Let’s get started with an activity.

First, I want you to jot down 1-10 topics that you are passionate about. These can range from reading to working out to journalism to playing with your dog, etc.

Now, take a look at this list. I mean really look at it…Are you passionate enough to talk about all of these topics frequently? Are there some that you’d prefer to keep to yourself? Are there any topics that can be combined? Any that can be eliminated? Take sometime to narrow your list down a bit. Let’s get it down to 5.

Have your list? Great, let’s move on.

If you currently have an audience or platform, host a series of polls asking them what content they look forward to seeing. Ask them if they would engage with one or any of these topics. If you do not hear from your audience or if you are just starting out, look on social media platforms to see if there is interest in these keywords. If there is nothing out there that covers your content pillars, this does not mean that it is not wanted, it may be a great opportunity to be the first to bring attending to it!

I hosted a poll series on my social media platform,and asked for interest on the following 5 topics: Travel/Daily Adventures, Fitness/Wellness, My Podcast (Branding with Becks), Fashion/Online Finds, and Personal Life Updates. My followers replied back with the following ranking:

  1. Personal Life
  2. Travel/Daily Adventures
  3. Fashion/Online Finds
  4. Fitness/Wellness
  5. Branding with Becks Podcast (I have some followers who do not listen to podcasts)

As I move forward, I want to be SUPER strategic with what I share and ensure that it aligns in the above buckets. This will make content creation easier and more focused, and it will avoid confusion on my page. It will also put the FUN back into creating because it will be more structured and efficient.

I hope this exercise helped you determine your content pillars and makes content creation fun for you!

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