“Your direction is more important than your speed”

Friendly Reminder (for you and for me): Slow down and enjoy each day. Allow yourself time. Your direction is more important than your speed, and you’ll get there. 

One question that seems to keep popping up from my friends and peers is “how do you have the energy?” I have learned that is is just as important to be productive as it is to rest and recharge. Right now I am productive, but I am also allowing myself time and grace. Being productive is far more beneficial than being busy. I have not picked my “word of the year” yet and I did not have time to sit down and make my vision board yet and my to do list is quite long… but that’s okay. 

Nice long beach walks, big cups of tea, and sitting outside with Mr. Binx have been calling my name after the workday. Getting my toes in the sand daily has helped with grounding and feeling peaceful. Doing things that I feel like doing helps me relax and recharge to tackle the rest of my “to do’s.” When I feel calm and not rushed, I can actually enjoy and be present while doing those “to do’s” as well!

I took a break from podcasting from the end of July until recently. (New season February 1st, mark your calendars!) Between working full-time, planning a wedding, traveling for work, writing for my blog, creating content for brands, working out daily, and recording episodes with my podcast guests, things have been pretty productive around here. There are times when I feel really creative and ready to go, and times when I could use a break.

It’s necessary to honor ourselves and allow ourselves to take that break. You’ll get it all done, allow yourself time to enjoy the journey.

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