Love is NOt…Love is…

To me, LOVE is not:

-a bouquet of flowers

-an expensive piece of jewelry

Or a fancy overpriced dinner

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Don’t get me wrong, these are nice things to do and great if you feel love while doing them.

To me, LOVE is shown and felt in the little things, each day. 

Some examples include: 

-taking time to have home-cooked meal together

-writing and mailing a handwritten note

-going on a walk together

-forgetting to check your phone when you’re spending time together

-helping with a chore without having to ask

-pouring an extra cup of whatever you’re drinking

-holding the door

-fixing your hair

-checking in with a text or phone call

-a little booty tap on a makeup free day, when you’re not feeling cute

-knowing with one quick look that you are *both* ready to leave the party

-being excited to sit on the couch together

-a long hug with a tight squeeze

-a deep belly laugh, so much so that it hurts

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To me, LOVE is not something that can be bought at a store. It’s the partnership and choice day in and day out, with your friends, with your family, and/or with your significant other, that you make to spend a significant portion of your limited time here treasuring and working on.

Happy Valentine’s Day, but I hope you feel love every day. Remember to cherish not only any romantic relationships today, but also those friendships and family relationships where you show love and feel love in return. 

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