Celebrate Your Wins

Friendly Reminder: Celebrate your wins, big & small

One of my new years goals is to celebrate my wins. I know that can sound silly, but it’s something I forget to do… I often jump from one goal to the next without taking time to enjoy once it’s completed.

I work hard at my job, on my content from blogging to podcasting, and on my goals… and until recently, I haven’t celebrated that. 

Celebrating does not have to mean a huge party or a big announcement post…it can be a glass of champagne, takeout from your favorite spot, a night off, a walk on the beach, or a relaxing morning with a good cup of coffee.

Why celebrate?! It’s important to celebrate the milestones as this acts as positive reinforcement and motivation for the next goal.

So cheers to you! Cheers to another podcast season, and a new episode of BWB today! 🥂 

What’s your win today?

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