3 Ways to Boost Your Resume in College

(From the Big Sister you never had)

Throughout my college years, I often wished I had an older sibling to tell me what classes to take, how to get involved, or if I was making the right decisions. My college career did not consist of the typical Greek life party scene. Did I feel like I was missing out sometimes? Of course, but I also grew as an individual. I decided to fill my time with internships, jobs, and seminars. I got involved, I still went out, but I wanted more out of my college years. I tried new things, I interned, I worked, and I explored my hobbies. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a Marketing concentration. Post graduation, I received numerous job offers. I must have done something right. Here are some tips to boost your resume in college:
1. Internships: Start here and start early! We have heard this all before a thousand times, but who you know does play a big part in finding an internship or job. Consult your friends, your friend’s parents, your family, and your favorite local business when seeking internship opportunities. I had my first internship over winter break my freshman year of college. When I was younger, I was a child model. I kept in touch with my agent throughout the years. I wanted to learn more about marketing/advertising, so I reached out about any internship opportunities. I took the train into the city and worked throughout my winter break. I learned a lot about the modeling industry and about myself. I was working for free, but I learned a great deal.
2. Work Experiences : Make them count. When seeking a part-time position, look for jobs that relate to your major. While this is a great way to see if this major really is the right one for you, it also enhances your resume. For example, I wanted a marketing position to grow my resume and experiences. I landed a job at Red Bull on the Wings Team. This position forced me to be more outgoing while working in a field marketing setting. I realized how much I enjoyed being in the field and out with people, and that there are alternatives to the office life. During this time, my interest in nutrition was also growing. Following Red Bull, I started working for Bai as a brand ambassador. I discovered that I could use my outgoing personality to promote heath/wellness with Bai beverages. I also had the opportunity to watch start up company grow to a billion dollar company. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset like me, I highly recommend working for a start up at some point. These work experiences helped me land my job as Marketing Operations Manager for a three teams of brand ambassadors on the East Coast. Make your job choices count, sometimes the paycheck is not the most important part of a job. Work experience in your field can help gain a perspective on your future career moves and whether or not your major is right for you.
3. Take Risks. Try Something New! I am a Disney addict and I am proud. I grew up on Disney movies, fairytales, and an annual trip to Walt Disney World every year. The Disney College Program was on my bucket list. I did not know how or when timing would be right, but my heart was set on it. I knew I would grow as an individual by moving myself away from home and diving into something totally new. I applied twice, and was accepted the second time. After receiving my role, I decided to audition in NYC to become a character performer. This was a dream of mine for awhile. I had some acting experience, but no amount near the experiences of the other participants. I put myself out there, and I was offered a position as character performer at Walt Disney World Resort. I attending my Spring semester of my junior year. I worked at Disney and continued to take college courses. I was busy, but I was able to continue on my path to graduation while trying something totally new! It was exciting, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and it was worth it. Human resources departments always refer to my work experience at the Walt Disney Company. Additionally, I apprenticed a professional photographer for years, and furthered my photography skills. Take a risk, try something new, and the rest will fall into place. Sometimes we just have to live by the quote- ‘Always better an “oops” than a “what if…” ‘
College does not have to be as it is portrayed in movies. Internships, jobs, and taking risks is what college is all about. You will only learn so much in class, but the real knowledge comes when you’re out there experiencing it. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Can you make a career out of this? College is a time to be selfish and learn about yourself. It is your life, and a degree will only get you so far. Get involved, try something new, and enjoy it.

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