Surround Yourself With Positivity

You may have heard this saying, but I genuinely believe that your vibe really does reflect on your tribe. The energy you send into the world can make a great difference in the lives of those around you. If you bring positivity and good energy to the world, you will be connected with others who have similar vibes. If you send negative energy, you are only bringing yourself and others down. Throughout life, we experience relationships with different kinds of people. Different attitudes, personality types, and outlooks. That is what makes humans so interesting- our mind and our views. When we surround ourselves with negative energy or complainers or self pity, we can mold to feel those emotions too. It is toxic and can really bring you down. Now look to the person you know who is always seeing the good. When you spend more time with them, you will start to see the good as well. This is just how human nature works.
Let’s try a stimulation, shall we? We are standing outside in the winter. It’s cold, and your car broke down on the way to your family member’s house. You are with one friend, and she is currently helping you analyze the situation. Despite the wintery mix outside, she steps out of the car without hesitation. She pops open the hood and checks to see if there are any noticeable issues. She recalls a time when her brother fixed up his car in their driveway. She tells you not to worry, things happen like this all the time. She calls her brother and he says that it is an easy fix and he is on the way. She laughs and makes a joke such as “only this would happen to us” and tries to take your mind off of it by saying “it sure does look beautiful out here. This is definitely worth a picture.” Her brother arrives and fixes the car. You offer to repay him, he declines, but requests some hot chocolate. The three of you stop for hot coco and then you are on your way. With all the fun you had, you do not even have the chance to complain.
Now visualize this situation with a different “tribe member.” Same car, same problem, except this time your friend responds differently. The second you have to pull over you hear your friend yell, “OMG what happened?! ugh.” You step out of the car alone to assess the situation. You have to call triple A because you have no understanding of cars. Your friend stays in the car and starts blasting the heat. She complains that it is going to get cold fast, and that we should have taken her car. She discusses her brother’s ability to fix cars, but claims he would be too busy to fix hers. She curls up in a ball in her seat and makes you do all the executive decisions. After 15 minutes of waiting, she yells “I just want to go home!” You are miserable and so is she.
In my lifetime, I have been friends with both. Sometimes we find comfort in the complainers and their self-pity, but ultimately, the positive people are the ones who will lift us higher. Think about how exhausted and drained you felt in the second scenario. You were focused on the bad, rather than the good. In situations like these, it is important to remain positive. You may be thinking, what could be good about a car breaking down on the highway? In my opinion, time. Time is good. Time to remove yourself from your mind racing. Time forcing yourself to live in the moment. Time to spend with your friend and her brother. Time to realize that life is happening and it is now.
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, be grateful for your current situation. Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason you are going through a tough time:
If you do not believe in God but you believe in energy, this still applies to you. My Nene is currently in the hospital and she is battling some health issues. My Nene is one of the most beautiful, spiritual souls that I know. We discuss energy and people. Despite the health complications she has suffered in the past, she is always “fine” and happy to be wherever she is. She is a positive soul, and she enjoys life and laughter. I believe we all need to be like Nene when we are going through tough times. By sending these positive vibes into the universe, she will receive positive ones. So will you. Positive people, places, and things.
Surround yourselves with people who see “bad” situations as learning experiences or stories. Surround yourselves with those who want to help. Surround yourself with good energy and your attitude will change for the better.dsc-0184_orig.jpg

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