Disney on a Dime

Wow, you go to Disney a lot!”
“You’re in Disney, AGAIN?!”
“Do you live in Disney World?”
“Do you still work at Disney World?”

I receive these questions on a daily basis on my Instagram account. Yes, I do visit Disney quite often. Nope, I do not still work at Walt Disney World and I definitely could not afford to LIVE in Walt Disney World. I am about to share with you my best-kept Disney secrets and how you can visit Walt Disney World on a dime too! We are going to cover all aspects of a trip from airfare, to hotels, to transportation, to everyone’s favorite topic-Disney food and wine. I am excited to share the ins and outs of Disney with you and how I can visit this magical place so many times.

Let’s get started!

Maybe you are lucky enough to live driving distance from Walt Disney World Resort. Unfortunately, I live way too far to drive. (Well, we actually did drive once and my little brother was so young that we had to watch Finding Nemo over an over again on the way down there. Great movie, but not great enough to watch for 22 hours straight.) Okay, back to airfare. This can be extremely costly depending on where you are traveling from, when you are traveling, and what airline/airport you use. I highly recommend checking out small airlines near you. A few popular small airlines are Frontier and Spirit. Some people are skeptical about these airlines, but I have only had good experiences. These smaller airlines are much less expensive than flying with a larger airline and check in/security takes much less time. The only downside to using a small airline is if you like to pack a lot. When I fly to Disney, I typically only pack a backpack or a duffle bag. (Trust me, you really do not need much!)
Best times to travel? To start, airfare is typically less expensive during the week. Can not skip work? Be conscious of the time of the year. In the Summertime (June- beginning of August), kids are off from school. This means higher airfare costs and more traveling. I highly recommend visiting Disney in an off season. There are a lot of cool seasonal treats that Disney provides and you can experience different holidays at the resort!

Hotel Accommodations: 
Best advice I can give you, is to stay on Walt Disney property at a Walt Disney World Resort. You will save so much time and money, and you will eliminate the need to rent a car. By staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, you receive the magical express transportation that takes you to and from the airport. You have access to the Disney shuttle system to take you to the parks, resorts, and Disney Springs. You have access to Disney food right in the food court and gift shop and you are emerged in the Disney experience throughout your stay! By staying at a Disney resort, you save time and money. Disney has a variety of resorts which all range in price and level of comfort. The least expensive option is still a pleasant experience and typically runs around $100 a night. The more expensive options are beautiful and run at a much higher price. Disney resorts vary in price throughout the different seasons. This is important to take into consideration. There are various promotions throughout the year, and you can save BIG by traveling during these promotions.

Park Tickets:
While planning your trip, it is important to think about how many parks you would like to visit, how much down time you would like to have, and how much time you want to keep open for adventures/excursions. There are four major parks at Walt Disney World Resort and each park has its own theme and attractions. There are two water parks and a Disney Springs area. When I take a short Disney trip, I typically only visit one or two of the parks. I visit so often that I can manage to go without visiting all of them. If you are planning on taking one long trip, I recommend visiting all four. Personally, I do not enjoy waterparks but if you do, definitely check out Disney’s two water parks. Each park admission costs around $100 depending on the season. You can save by purchasing tickets together online. You can also purchase a park hopper pass which allows you to travel throughout two Disney parks of your choice in one day! This is a great option if you are limited on time.

Disney Food & Drinks
Disney food and drinks are famously known and delicious. Disney food is also extremely filling and can get expensive. My top favorite food picks are bulleted below and in my opinion, they are worth the extra dough. (crack myself up)

  • Mickey Waffles- These delicious belgium waffles are a family favorite and are great to fuel you before a crazy Disney day. If you are looking for a healthier breakfast alternative, Disney food courts also offer protein smoothies.
  • Dole Whip- The perfect mid-afternoon snack. Dole whip is made from pineapple and is super refreshing on those hot Florida days.
  • Kung Fu Punch- This alcoholic beverage is sold at EPCOT in the China pavilion and it is delicious! Super refreshing and fun sweet drink to sip on while walking around the World Showcase.
  • Shawarma Platter- This platter is a great buy, delicious, and nutritious. It is sold in the Morocco pavilion.

Now let’s get to Disney food secrets and tips. Before visiting the park, I recommend eating a big breakfast at the hotel. You will do a lot of walking, so prepare yourself for a long day of fun! Pack protein bars and water bottles. You are allowed to bring these protein bars into the Disney parks. I do not recommend packing a meal though, as it is hot outside and your food may not withstand high temperatures. I highly recommend purchasing a Swell Bottle or a Hydroflask to keep your water cool. Nothing beats a nice cold water on a hot sunny day. Also, if you ask any Disney restaurant or dining location for a cup of water, the worker will give you an ice cold water cup free of charge. Lastly, quick service stops are great for lunch and dinner. These quick service locations are located throughout the parks and offer a variety of different food options from healthy to “treat yo self” and allow you to eat while enjoying the parks.

​I hope these tips and tricks help you to plan your own Disney vacation. It is a magical place, that you should adventure to at least once in your lifetime! 🙂 I just returned back from an awesome quick Disney trip, where I visited Pandora and Magic Kingdom. Post coming soon!


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