Pandora Review

Walt Disney World just added a new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park- Pandora The World of Avatar. As someone who has only seen about an hour of pieces from the Avatar movie, I was still excited to see what Disney had come up with. Here is my honest review of the new addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

Pandora- The World of Avatar, was nothing short of beautiful. You can see how hard every single cast member worked to construct this place. From the floating mountains to the rides, this section of Animal Kingdom park really takes you to a new world. Every single piece of Avatar is there for a reason and the Disney Company did an amazing job putting this all together- SO creative!


Aside from admiring the views, we enjoyed some cocktails, rode both rides, and grabbed a bite to eat. The cocktails at Pongo Pongo cafe were delicious but limited in options. I selected a strawberry margarita with boba balls. The drink contained much more sugar than alcohol, but it was still very refreshing on this humid Florida day. Aside from margaritas, the only other alcoholic beverage was beer. My brother picked a green beer, which tasted like a plain wheat beer. Moral of the story- I will not go to Pandora for its alcoholic beverages.

The rides at Pandora were amazing, but still qualify for a half day park in my eyes. There are only two rides at Pandora- Na’vi River Journey and Avatar Flight of Passage. The Na’vi River Journey only had a half hour wait time. I highly recommend visiting Pandora later in the day, so the wait times are lower. This ride was a usual river boat ride with animatronics, but it was so beautiful with the bioluminescent forests. The next ride, Avatar Flight of Passage, was Soarin on steroids. From the second you start the journey, you are submerged in the Avatar movie. Even the waiting area is amazing. The wait for this ride was 140 minutes, but it was worth it. It was a 3D ride like soarin’ where you ride on the back of a banshee. Overall, both rides were incredible!

Lastly, the food was delicious and nutritious. I selected a chicken bowl, where I was able to customize the ingredients. Everything was topped with boba balls at Pandora (which I love!) Prices were fair too!

While visiting Walt Disney World, Pandora is definitely worth checking out. The views alone are incredible and the food and rides make it even better. I definitely enjoyed this portion of Animal Kingdom, but I still see it as a half day park. We were able to accomplish everything, and even rode some rides twice or more. In addition to Pandora rides, my favorite Animal Kingdom rides are Expedition Everest, Dinosaur, and Kilimanjaro Safari. I highly recommend checking these out too!

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