Importance of Going Outside on Nice Days

If you live in a climate that changes frequently, your mood can often change as well. Fortunately, I reside in a place where there are seasons and I am incredibly blessed and thankful that I do. The leaves change colors, the sun adjusts its strength, and the weather fluctuates rapidly. I love how I can put on a big sweater in the fall, cozy up with some hot chocolate in the winter, smell the flowers in the Spring, and get ice cream on a bright summer night. While the weather may change and our wardrobe may adapt, sometimes it is difficult for our minds and bodies to do the same.
During the winter months, it is possible to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder. In other words, during the fall and winter months, it is fairly common to experience fatigue, depression, and sadness. Personally, I love my sunshine and I like to be warm when I go outside. When the sun goes down earlier and the days get colder, it can be difficult to get yourself up and moving. With the winter months coming fast, there is no better time to get out there than now. For those of you who believe you may experience this, think back to the last few winters… Where you sad more often than usual? Did you go outside and get your much needed Vitamin D? Did you cancel plans because you did not feel up to going? Even if you answered no to these questions, there are still many benefits to heading outdoors!
There are great benefits to going outside. Recently, my boyfriend and I took a trip to a hiking trail on a sunny but brisk day. We saw a little waterfall and enjoyed the changing colors of the leaves. While I really enjoyed having his company, I typically have done these walks alone in previous years. It is okay to get out there by yourself, just make sure you are in a safe and secured area. When you spend time outside, you are often engaging in physical activity. Your focus will be clearer when you return back to your studies or workload.
Most importantly, in my opinion, you can clear your mind from your troubles and separate yourself from your cell phone and social media accounts. It is so common to be “addicted to the scroll” Why do our cell phones die three times a day? Did we ever think that maybe we are not supposed to use them 24/7? Limiting social media use has a lot of benefits within itself, but enjoying nature and the world has helped in unimaginable ways for yours truly.
So I challenge you, to get outside for 20 minutes a day starting today. Before you jump to conclusions that you do not have time or that you are way too busy, think about all the time you spend sitting down on your cell phone. Go to “settings” and see how much usage you have. Now, take 20 minutes off of that time everyday. You are blessed to be able to experience the world around you. We are here with senses for a reason. Get outside; Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

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