Thought to Combat Anxiety

My Nene once said to me, “Thoughts are things. You can fill your head with negative thoughts and take up space or you can fill your head with positive thoughts to take up space. Its your decision.”
This saying of hers really stuck out to me and I will remember it forever. For those of you combating anxiety or depression, there comes a point everyday where your brain will trigger little negative comments. These comments often seem impossible to control, especially when you are unsure if you even want to try to fight them.
My advice to you is the following. It worked for me when I needed to dig myself out of depression and I hope it works for you as well. Every time you start to have negative or sad thoughts, just think of them as things. YOU have to power to stop them from spreading and block them out. You and only you can push away these negative vibes. When you push these thoughts away, try your hardest to replace them with positive thoughts. Do not let negativity live rent free in your brain.
For every negative thought, block it out and replace with a positive one. An example, “you look gross today” can be replaced with an accomplishment you made in the past or something you are working towards in the future. Appearance often gets us down, but it is important to remember we are our toughest critic. You can change this and you should. If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you too.

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