The Disney College Program Part 1

Facebook reminded me that around this time a few years ago, I was twirling around Cinderella’s castle in Walt Disney World Resort. Ahh yes, the smell of main street, the feeling of a fully belly of Mickey Premium Ice Cream cones, and the youthful spirit in the air. **Warning** Before reading this you should know that I am a Disney nerd. I have visited Disney once, sometimes twice every single year since I was in the womb. I grew up on fairytales and believing in magic. With all this Disney pumping through my veins, the Disney College Program was way up on my bucket list.

The Disney College Program is a college experience like no other. I was fortunate enough to attend a university where the college program would count for school credit. At the time, I attended Montclair State University and was working towards my degree in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration. Unfortunately, the first time I applied on the last day possible and my application was rejected. Maybe becoming rejected from the program was a blessing in disguise. At that point in time, I was very down on myself and needed to get stronger before taking on any new adventure.

When I applied the second time, I was ready and excited. I made sure my application was the best it could be. Shortly after applying, I received an invitation to take an online questionnaire. My efforts paid off, and I advanced to a phone interview. I did quite a bit of preparation for this stage of the application process. I took notes and really connected my resume to what was needed. I plan on making a post with interview tips…so stay posted for that one!
As you can guess, I was accepted into the program. I received an email from Disney Casting and jumped up with excitement in my business class. This was really happening!
I received the role of transportation and would make around $9/hour. Not as magical as I had in mind..but I was still IN! I was closer to reaching my ultimate dream- character performer at Walt Disney World Resort.

After doing some research online, I discovered that character performer auditions were to be held in NYC very soon. Let me just state this- I never enjoyed dance class. I did attend a few acting classes when I was younger, but that was about the extend of experience I had in musical theater. I was sooo close-so why not? (take a crazy chance-Lizzie McGuire. Sorry I had to)

Off to the Big Apple I went to audition. I learned a little dance, did a little improve, and put myself out there. Regardless of the result, I was proud that I did.

A few weeks later, I got my wisdom teeth removed. While chilling on my couch with some ice cream… I received a postcard and an email. I WAS OFFERED THE ROLE OF CHARACTER PERFORMER AT WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT. Picture all the streamers, confetti, balloons!!… okay, maybe just a girl who can barely speak trying to yell to her mom that she got her dream job.

When January came, it was time for the big move. I took the overnight train with my vw buggie convertible Kelso on board. I moved into my new apartment and started my journey. You’ll have to wait for the rest  😉

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