Treat Yo Self- You Deserve It

The importance of the term ‘treat yo self’ goes beyond the material purchase. Treating yourself is necessary and plays a huge role in self worth. By purchasing for you, or by splurging on a new experience, you are growing as an individual. Your independence goes up and so does your self worth. Take it from someone who rarely treats themself. For some reason, the only purchases I can justify for myself are experiences. For example, I can purchase healthy food for myself or a plane ticket without issues. When it comes to clothes, I often put it back after asking myself if I really need it.
\nWhen I am buying for others, I don’t have a doubt in my mind. My purchases are justified if they are from someone else or if they create an experience for myself. I have been working on this, and I have seen such a change in my attitude and perception.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, treating yourself does not have to mean splurging. Treating yourself could mean a simple manicure, buying yourself an ice cream cone, joining a new gym, picking up that top you had your eye on. It’s the little things that can really make our day and help to improve our self worth. You worked hard for that expense, and you deserve to enjoy it.

Try to treat yourself at least once a week. It may mean buying a lunch at that cute cafe instead of packing one or it could mean taking a trip home for the weekend. Whatever the matter, you should treat yourself. Remember how important it is to love yourself first.

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