It’s Still Cool to Hang Out with your Parents


As we grow older, we all reach a phase where our parents are no longer considered “cool” to hang out with.You counted down the days until you could go to the movies or the mall with your friends alone. Let’s face it, that Starbucks cup, Victorias Secret PINK shopping bag, and your bestie are the coolest accessories at the mall when you’re a preteen. Let’s be real, nothing screams “cool” like getting dropped off by a Honda Civic Mini Van only to use your trendy flip phone later to call for a ride home.
I was going to wait to post this when I had more time to write out a heartfelt note, but after a night of laughs with my Mom tonight, I felt now was best. It was actually a funny story; We went to Yogurtland for Fill up Your Cup Tuesday’s. (Yes, the obsession is real kids.) Both of us shocked to hear that they will be closing their doors after tonight. We were genuinely crushed and direct quotes involved “How am I going to use my secret rewards card?!” “Can I sleep on this bench to protest?!” “I know its sad you’re going out of business, but like where am I going to get my frozen yogurt 4 times a week!””I remember the first time we came here on St. Patrick’s Day and how we would eat outside in the summer.” It was not until after my mom made my brother and I have a mini photo shoot on our way out, that we realized how absolutely ridiculous we must have sounded… and then we had to pull over on the drive home from laughing so hard.
Life flies by really fast and recently I heard this quote, “One day when you look up from your cell phone, your parents are not going to be there anymore.” Unfortunately, that is the cold hard truth and reading this broke my heart. I am fortunate to have been on a great deal of adventures post high school graduation and these opportunities have gotten in the way of family time. From dorm life to apartment life to working at Disney World, I have not been home that often. Even now, my bedroom, or little escape, is where I spend a great deal of time. I often forget how just sitting on the couch with my parents can make such a difference.
If you’re reading this post, I challenge you to spend a little extra time with your parents, grandparents, and other parental figures in your life. If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with them, spend time with them. Take a step back from your social networking for a few minutes. Ask them to go for a walk or maybe even a froyo date. They are willing and eager to share their experiences if you open your ears and listen; you may even learn a thing or two. (Listen to me, I sound like a grown up myself) You are truly blessed to have these special people in your life. It’s the holiday season, and you do not want to look back and regret that you did not spend enough time with your loved ones.

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