Bienvenido a Miami

Trip #2 of the new year is officially in the books and what a fun adventure it was! My best friend Anna and I took a trip to Miami Beach for a few days of fun, sun, and relaxation. We enjoyed literally every single minute of it and made the most of our short adventure to the one and only MIAMI. Here are some highlights from the trip, what to expect when visiting Miami, and some travel tips to this pretty cool place!

Anna and I are what someone might call “crazy” but another might call “motivated.” Anna and I met in college and we have become close friends ever since- our boss babe personalities and our constant need to be on the move is the foundation for our fun and adventurous friendship. We want to make the most out of every minute and seek as many experiences as possible. Relaxing poolside? not an option for us when we need to constantly be on the move. We found this amazing deal for Miami Beach (airfare + airbnb) and had to jump on it ASAP.

Travel Tip #1: Take an early flight and make the most out of the day. No one remembers the sleep they received before a trip, but the adventures they had later! We selected the earliest possible flight which required a 4 AM wake up time. After a minor delay in flight, we arrived to Miami at 11:00 AM, ready to hit the beach and also to get some brunch. (We were starving.)

Travel Tip #2: Take the bus! I know right, public transportation is not always the most reliable/recommended but we saved so much money taking the bus from the airport to South Beach. For $2.35 each way, we made it to Miami Beach in great time and back to the airport ahead of schedule. I would definitely recommend it to any Miami traveler.

We had brunch at Maxine’s, which consisted of omelets and $5 mimosas… can you go wrong? I am not sure if it was my hungry belly speaking but that veggie omelet was the best omelet ever. We had some time to kill before check in, so it was time to hit the streets and explore!

We walked around, shopped, picked up some champagne, and checked into our Airbnb. Our Airbnb was SUPER CUTE and the perfect size for two travelers. This was my first airbnb experience and it all went well.

Travel Tip #3: Find find things to do in the area before your trip. It just so happened that the one and only MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM was in Miami Beach while we were there. How cool? We did some research prior to our trip and made sure to get tickets for the first day we were there. It was so much fun, and they gave us really yummy desserts.

Also how instagram perfect was this place!?

The entire trip we only took one $5 uber. Miami Beach is cool because you can basically walk everywhere. It also definitely ranges in terms of lifestyle in Miami and safe/unsafe areas. Please be sure to watch out for these areas when you are visiting and walking around. As always, avoid walking alone or at night.

Now let’s talk about day 2. Anna set her alarm for 6:30 AM so we could catch the sunrise and because we had to take pictures. We were done shooting by breakfast and hit up “Tequila Chicas” for some eggs. We spent the day by the water, and then had some Greek food for lunch. Anna and I have this tradition, where we always get Greek food together. We just LOVE it. We had falafel bowls, which really hit the spot. Then we went back to get ready for happy hour at “Tatel”. “Tatel” is Enrique Iglesias’ restaurant and bar. We had some wine and had ourselves a night. We made sure to stop by for some $2 tacos at a Mexican restaurant near our apartment.¬†Something unique about Miami- it is all about Mexican and Italian food.

We had such a fun adventure and I can not wait for more fun times. Anna feels like this is her next home, but I still have to find my place in this world. Have you ever been to Miami?



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