Instagram without “Living in the Scroll”

Instagram is pretty cool because you can share your creative content with the world, photo blog about your adventures, or simply share posts that you enjoy with friends. You have your favorite instagrammers and you follow them all around. It almost feels like you know them, doesn’t it? ahhhh, the beauty of social media.

I am sure some people follow me on Instagram to judge my posts, but I also hope that you made your way to this page because you like my Instagram posts… or simply because you wonder how someone could post so frequently. I am going to share some tips for Instagram posts and how I can keep up with my account without “living in the scroll.”

Note #1: Take the photo now, post the photo later. I am sorry to ruin the magic for you, but my posts are on delay. I feel it is important not to post right away, because A.) I need to chose the right photo/filter/etc and b. it takes time away from the NOW. You have to live for the moment, but of course you can capture that moment on camera! The important thing to remember is to capture it at that time, and post it later. Also, once you post you will want to engage with people who comment. Set aside time to do that, rather than spending the rest of the day on your phone.

Note #2. Plan it out. Again, the magic may seem lost but my post are preplanned using an app that helps me lay out my page in an aesthetically pleasing way. This saves time throughout the week because I already know what my post of the day will be. I also probably came up with some lame pun that I think is funny for the caption days before it goes live. Just trying to be as real as possible with you guys! Spontaneity is so important in life, yes, but planning posts allows you to live in the moment everyday and avoid wondering what to post and when.

Note #3. Pick the phone up when you can. Put the phone down when you should. These cold winter months in NJ can be pretty boring, so I totally understand spending time in the scroll. On the flip side, there are times when we really need to remove ourselves from it. These times include family functions, dinners, and spending time with friends. When you are hanging out with people, put the phone down. Whatever is on instagram can wait until you get home or until the next day. I definitely have to remember this more often. I am trying this new technique, where I leave my phone in my pocket or purse when I am out. I no longer hold it in my hand or put it on the table at a restaurant. Try it! It may work for you.

Well, I hope these little notes help you understand the instagram world a little better. Instagram and social media can be great tools for creativity, but remember to look up!



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