Life is an Unavoidable Wander

Today’s word is “meander.” Immediately, my mind went to a winding road, but this word is much more than that. Meander can refer to a wander, twist, turn, zig zag, etc. Some of us claim to be adventurers or wanderers, and while this may be more accurate for some than others, we all really experience both.

I went with the title, “Life is an Unavoidable Wander.” Whether you want to be an explorer or not, you are one. You are here on this Earth taking in your environment and adapting as change occurs. At some point, change will occur in your life and life will throw you a curve ball. You may know what you want to be when you grow older and you may have a set plan, but things do not always go to plan, do they?

We have to meander our way through this life, with all its twists, turns, and zig zags. From tragic events to something as small as a rainy day, we take in these obstacles and we move through them.

Despite the challenges, we move along. It is how we face and adapt to these changes that matters. While some of us crave the adventure, others want a simple life with little bends. Despite what we desire, the change is inevitable. “Life is an Unavoidable Wander.” Take it in, and enjoy the ride.

-Rebecca Bataille


via Daily Prompt: Meander

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