3 Things to Look for When Buying a Car

Recently, I purchased a car. I have been driving around in my 2004 VW Beetle Convertible since I was 17, and yes I am emotional about it. That car is very unreliable but oh so fun! My old car “Kelso” is still in the family, and I am debating between holding onto him as a fun summer whip or letting him go… who knows! Regardless, it was time to bring a new car into my life- one that I can cruise around and road trip with. If you are like me, you are 100% funding your car purchases, so you want to make sure your selection is the right one. I do not know much about cars, but I did learn a few things from purchasing my own vehicles and from having an unreliable car for years.

Anyways, I purchased the pictured Lexus and I am happy with my selection. I am new to the car buying game- it has been a while. After years of having issues/breaking down/no backseat or trunk, it was time for a change. My brother knows a great deal about cars and helped with the buying process. Rather than pick a car based on appearance, I thought I would share some important things to look for. Hopefully, they help you!

Here are my three things to look for when buying a car:

  1. Gas Mileage- Do you plan on road tripping or going on adventures? I recommend looking for a vehicle with great gas mileage. The car I purchased gets 36 mpg. In my opinion, that is excellent. Typically, the larger the vehicle the lower the gas mileage. If you want to road trip a lot, you might want to look into a hybrid model.
  2. Reviews- Consumer Reports provides great reviews on vehicles. Read them and ensure that the car has all the specs that you desire. Is it reliable? Does it have fun music options/heated seats/comfortable ride? You can also check for pricing. Cargurus will tell you great reviews, vehicle specs, and how the price lies on the spectrum. This is especially important if you want to get a great deal!
  3. Does it feel right?  I am a big “trust your gut” person. In order for me to purchase something, it has to feel right and feel like me. Does the car suit your personality, your driving needs, your space requirements?

Ultimately, I am no car expert but I did want to share some tips. Happy car hunting! Best of luck finding your new ride! 🙂


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