You’re Here for a Reason

It’s Friday night and I am in bed writing-this is typical for me. (I know what you’re thinking…Ya girl needs to get out more) This article is not grammatically correct. This article is thoughts, and thoughts should be expressed in the purest form. 

I genuinely think that people come into our lives for a reason- sometimes better situations than others, but all people are lessons. These lessons teach us something and grow us along our journey.

You see, we meet people and they tell us tidbits of their stories and we learn about them and we understand in some way. We take these stories or facts in and overall shape a mold or understanding of the being. We reflect on our lives. We grow from this.

In some situations, people cross paths in our lives and tell us nothing. We will just see them, walk by them or slightly acknowledge them. Maybe we will see what will be from this situation, or maybe we see them and they remind us of what could be or what we hope to see. Maybe they make us feel a certain way and then POOF they are gone. We may see them again one day or maybe just in a memory. Either way, they made a difference. They made you stop- even if for just a brief second- and they made you think.

It’s a selfish theory I suppose, that everyone has a purpose in your own life- but this is not to say that their life does not have a purpose. You are a purpose in someone’s life- whether you walked by them or whether you shared your deepest thoughts- you have a purpose here and the universe needed you. There’s a reason for it all.

We may find out what this reason is one day, but in the meantime I feel that we are all present in a place for a reason. You can make people feel, and you are making a difference just by being.

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